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Chisholm, Barbara

Ashland Cable Access Corp.



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Ashland Cable Access Corporation
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Ashland Cable Access Corp.
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200 Butterfield Drive-Unit B1
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WACA was incorporated in 1985 and set up our first studio on Eliot Street. The station’s first programs were regular tapings of the selectmen and school committee meetings. Very soon, Ashland Cable became more active and expanded its programming line to include many types of shows. Some of these programs, which are still in production today, are “Calling All Kids,” “Learning Center,” and “Badges,”. After several years, Ashland Cable became known as WACA TV, which quickly caught on as a household word. People were talking about WACA TV all around town and our programming grew tremendously.

Over the years, Ashland’s younger residents have been treated to summer video camp sessions and After School Video workshops, where they learned the art of video production. They spent their days creating

their own music videos, doing mock news, weather programs and creating original short scripts then shooting and acting in them. Many of these students have gone on to professional careers in the television and entertainment business. They attribute their choice of careers to the education and training they received during their time spent at WACA TV.

With all this activity, WACA TV soon outgrew its original space. In 1997, WACA moved to our next location at the then Ashland High School/Middle School location where we were remained until 2013. At that time, we relocated once again to a HD facility with two broadcast studios; one of which is a full functioning kitchen studio

Throughout the years, WACA TV has produced programs such as cooking shows, discussion shows and programs featuring rock, folk and acoustic bands. We have gone on location to a variety of interesting places, from behind the scenes at the Boston Ballet to covering the Worcester Memorial Service for fallen firefighters, to covering the events at the National Democratic Convention in Boston. Our community media center has been recognized both Nationally and Regionally with awards for excellence in programming as well as the Overall Excellence Award on numerous occasions.

We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of the Ashland Community for many more years to come.
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