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The ABA Social Media Internship Program connects local business owners with social media needs and Ashland High School students with social media experience to create a mutually valuable learning experience.

This incredibly successful program was launched based on the community service idea of one of our 2015 scholarship award winners, Anna Waisgerber. The ABA worked closely with AHS Principal Kelly St. Coeur to create and implement a program that benefits both the businesses and the students.

Our goal, create a working relationship between students at Ashland High School and local businesses, providing businesses with the knowledge of how to effectively use social media advertising and providing students with business experience.

The program is open to active ABA members each year. An announcement will be sent to members when the program opens and the number of internships will be based on the available interested and qualified students.  If you are interested in this or other ABA programs, come join one of our meetings.


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