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It's time to find yourself again! Let me help!

When you become a parent you change, it’s inevitable.  Your whole life gets flipped upside down and you have to figure out your new normal.  Priorities are different … you suddenly consider trading your favorite prized possession (for me it was expensive purses!) for 10 extra minutes of sleep!  You adjust to the sleep deprivation (sort of), feeding schedules and diaper changes.  You find your parenting groove and learn to adjust to the fact that it changes frequently – but you learn to ride the rollercoaster!  Your kids grow and your bank account shrinks and you adjust! 

As you grow as a parent the size of your kids isn’t the only thing that seems to change overnight, Your perspective on work/career may be different, your relationships with friends shift and grow, you and your partner relate differently to each other, you may now be solidly at the bottom of your to-do list and your place in the world just looks different than it did before kids.  For some its magnificent, glorious and easy to identify.  For others - like me - you realize that while you LOVE your “new world” as a parent and are grateful and blessed, if you are honest, you feel a little lost.  

It's time to find yourself again!  Let me help! 

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